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Appalachian Grown Logo

The Appalachian Grown™ logo is displayed with farm products grown or raised in Western North Carolina and the Southern Appalachians. When consumers see the logo—at stores, restaurants, tailgates, and other businesses—they know they’re buying fresher foods that support your family farms, strengthen our local economy, preserve rural culture, and protect the region’s natural beauty.

The Appalachian Grown logo is a trademark of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP). To protect the integrity of the logo and the local food market, producers and retailers must comply with certain logo-use restrictions and agree to a binding License Agreement. The requirements and agreement are meant to protect the logo and state that it may only be used to represent food and agricultural products grown or raised by Appalachian Grown certified farms.

The standards for use of the Appalachian Grown logo are outlined in your agreement. Only certified producers and retailers can use the Appalachian Grown logo, and the logo can only be used to promote food and farm products grown on certified farms.

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