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Regulations, Risk Management, Food Safety


Guidelines, resources, and references

Markets have a role to play in addressing vendor and operational compliance with regulations. There are also risk management and food safety responsibilities that require attention in order to ensure the safety and well-being of customers. The information and resources included in this module are provided to help define areas of concern for markets and to offer best practices for managing regulatory requirements, risk factors, and food safety.

PDF of Powerpoint Presentation

Section one

Market regulations

  • Market site and operations
  • Cooking demonstrations

Vendor and product regulations

  • Vendor sales and business practices
  • Products—produce, farm products, value-added, etc.

Section two

Risk management

  • Hold harmless
  • Prevention practices for site and customer safety

Section three

Food safety

  • Sampling guidelines and requirements
  • Product-specific food safety standards for vendors
  • Market action, assistance, and referral

Farmers Market Promotion Program

Farmers Market Promotion Program Grants

The training modules and resource information presented in our Host a Farmers Market section were developed through a series of workshops funded by the Farmers Market Promotion Program, USDA, and Agricultural Marketing Service. ASAP worked in partnership with farmers market managers, leaders, and vendors, including members of the Mountain Tailgate Market Association, to provide training and education on best market practices.Read More ▶▶

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