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Meet Your Farmers: The Moreno Family

The Moreno family’s farming roots stretch back to Mexico where Salvador Moreno Senior herded goats as a young boy. It was a long journey to Hayesville, North Carolina where he and his family now grow and sell produce under the […]Read More ▶▶

Connecting the Dots with Mountain Food Products

It’s a busy morning at Mountain Food Products. Employees are answering phones, rifling through paper invoices, and getting deliveries ready for the day. Boxes of tomatoes and peaches are packed up and wheeled out to trucks, which will deliver produce […]Read More ▶▶

Double SNAP Increases Access to Fresh Foods at Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are places where communities come together. Farmers markets do many things to make it as easy as possible for everyone to shop there. Besides providing a wide variety of fresh farm products and handmade foods, some provide activities […]Read More ▶▶

Farm Tour Adventures, Part 2

It’s almost the end of our farm tour audio adventure, but there are still two more farms to visit on ASAP’s 2019 Farm Tour. I talk to Jeff Frisbee, owner of Addison Farms Vineyard, about his winery in Leicester, North […]Read More ▶▶

Farm Tour Adventures, Part 1

ASAP’s Farm Tour connected the community with agriculture at farms throughout Western North Carolina last month. Radio reporter Jen Nathan Orris was on the scene at four farms and recorded this audio adventure to share the magic of local farms […]Read More ▶▶

From Computer Desks to Corn Fields

If you were looking for Julie Mansfield and Carl Evans during the dot com boom of the 1990s, you’d find them at their desks in front of computers, developing software for banks and insurance companies. “We worked together at a […]Read More ▶▶

Goats Galore at Round Mountain Creamery

It’s a misty, grey morning at Round Mountain Creamery in Black Mountain, North Carolina. A herd of goats huddles in the barn, trying to stay out of the rain, until they hear farm manager Adam Jernigan call them over. Some […]Read More ▶▶

Always Learning at Terra Lingua Growers

Learning how to farm is a life-long endeavor. Even the most experienced farmers are always learning new things—whether they’re trying a new crop, combating an unexpected pest, or adapting to extreme weather. It’s a journey that continues to inspire Jessica […]Read More ▶▶

The Sounds of Last Year’s Farm Tour

More than 1,000 people visited local farms on ASAP’s 2018 Farm Tour, and the sounds of farms at work were heard throughout Western North Carolina. Come along for an audio tour as we meet an array of animals, go behind […]Read More ▶▶

Greenshine Farms Gets Ready for Farm Tour

Most weeks on Growing Local we take you to a local farm through the magic of radio. But in just a few weeks, farms in Western North Carolina will welcome everyone in person. ASAP’s Farm Tour is coming up on […]Read More ▶▶

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