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A Farmer at your Front Door

Western North Carolina is on the cusp of spring. The redbud trees are bursting with color and daffodils line the streets of the West Asheville neighborhood. The seasons are changing, which means outdoor farmers markets are right around the corner. […]Read More ▶▶

What Does it Take to Run a Farmers Market

Spring is here and so are outdoor farmers markets! Farmers across the region are dusting off their tents and getting their products ready.  As you grab your shopping bag and jot down your grocery list, take a minute to think […]Read More ▶▶

Sawhorse Restaurant Embraces Family Memories and Local Farms

Everyone’s comfort food is different. For some people it’s a big salad filled with farmers market veggies. For others it’s a bowl of chicken and dumplings or a peach pie that reminds you of summer afternoons with family. “You kind […]Read More ▶▶

From a Family Cow to Livestock Farm

Relationships between farmers and customers are at the crux of the local food system. When people get to know their farmers, they can ask questions about how their food is produced. Talking to farmers is also a way to learn […]Read More ▶▶

Meet Your Farmer: Tumbling Shoals

Jason Roehrig of Tumbling Shoals Farm in Wilkes County, North Carolina grew up in the Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t until he went to Madagascar that he realized he wanted to be a farmer. He was a Peace […]Read More ▶▶

Farm to School Adventures

The car door slams and Kim Knoppel starts the engine. She’s a program coordinator for the Growing Minds program with ASAP, and today she’s going to Burke County, North Carolina for a farm to school road trip. “We’re heading out […]Read More ▶▶

A Lifelong Farming Dream Made Real

From time to time, we feature stories about beginning farmers on our radio series and podcast Growing Local. We encourage farmers to share the hurdles they face, their strategies for overcoming challenges, and their motivations to start farming. Many new […]Read More ▶▶

The Joys and Challenges of Starting a New Farm

Starting a new farm from scratch is a big undertaking. Deciding what to grow, where to sell it, and tackling the unpredictability of farming can be a challenge. Yet many new and beginning farmers are finding their way in Western […]Read More ▶▶

Chef Finds Inspiration at Winter Market

It’s a rainy Saturday morning outside Asheville City Market. Buses and cars splash water on the curb, but for one local chef, this dreary February day brings plenty of inspiration. “Hey, my name is Graham House. I’m the chef at […]Read More ▶▶

Winter Knowledge Brings Spring Growth

If you want to make local food a bigger part of your life, winter is a good time to start. Chilly winter days are ideal for building new skills and connections, like shopping for fresh greens at the farmers market […]Read More ▶▶

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