From Cabbage to Sauerkraut!

Area farmers tailgate markets are definitely in full swing. In addition to offering fresh local produce, meats and cheeses, and other food and artisan products, summertime tailgates feature musical entertainment, kids activities, and cooking demonstrations! Our summer communications intern, Emma, recently attended a sauerkraut making workshop at Oakley Farmers Market, and she’s passing on what she learned:

Guest post by Emma Scudder
What can you do with all the delicious local cabbage available at markets now? Turn it into sauerkraut in your own kitchen! That’s right; as I learned Wednesday at Oakley Farmers Market, making sauerkraut is actually easy.

“Anyone can do it!” said Gina Smith, who led the workshop, to encourage shoppers. For the demonstration, she used cabbage from vendor Fiddlesticks Farm. Right now, they’re harvesting an heirloom variety called Glory of Enkhuizen, which is great for kraut.

Here is the simple process:

  • Chop or grate as much cabbage as you’d like. For a colorful final product, try mixing green and purple varieties! To make a gallon of kraut, Smith suggests using about five pounds of cabbage and three tablespoons of salt (sea salt or pickling salt, not iodized).
  • In a crock or other plastic container, layer cabbage and sprinkle with salt, pressing the water out as you go. It is important that the cabbage stay submerged in brine, so cover with a plate and place a rock or jar of water on it as a weight. The salt will draw liquid out of the cabbage, which should be enough to cover it. If not, add a bit of salt water yourself. Replace the crock lid or cover with a cloth and let the magic happen!
  • Check every few days and sample for taste.

Delicious! Made kraut before? Trying for the first time? Share your sauerkraut making experience with us below!

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