Our Featured Projects

2015 Appalachian Grown Producer Survey Report (2016)
This report contains the findings of the 2015 Appalachian Grown Producer Survey sent to all AG certified farms in March 2016. The purpose of this survey was to better understand the experiences of producers in the region and to gather feedback to be used to shape the future direction of the Appalachian Grown program.

Local Food, Food Democracy, and Food Hubs (2015)
This article, published in the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development, looks at how and why Local food system building can serve as a means of changing the food system.

Farmers Markets for All: Exploring Barriers and Opportunities for Increasing Fresh Food Access by Connecting Low-Income Communities with Farmers Markets (2012)
This report summarizes the existing literature on the common barriers to farmers market accessibility  and outlines possible practices and opportunities for linking low-income communities with farmers  markets. Included at the end of this report is a summary of recommendations for increasing low-income consumers’ use of farmers markets based on both the experiences of ASAP (Appalachian  Sustainable Agriculture Project) and best practices from markets around the country.

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