CSA Recipes – Straight from the Farm!

ASAP’s Annual CSA Fair is just around the corner on March 12 (in Asheville) and March 17 (in Boone). In anticipation of the growing season, we had a few of the farms participating in the Asheville CSA Fair share their favorite recipes! These recipes are perfect for incorporating the bounty of a CSA share in your own kitchen.

Here is a favorite CSA recipe from Just Ripe Farm:


Or check out this recipe from Long Valley Eco-Biotic Farm, which utilizes a variety of seasonally available greens:


Here is a recipe that features beef from Whiskey Pigs Meats from Reeves Home Place Farm:


Or try Spring Greens Soup from Second Spring Market Garden:


The warm days and cool nights of spring present the perfect opportunity for this hardy soup recipe from Terra Preta Farm:


You can also add seasonal greens to your favorite pesto recipes! Try this tasty spinach pesto from Ivy Creek Family Farm:


Use seasonal herbs and snap peas from your spring CSA or from local farmers markets for this tasty quinoa salad from Blue Meadow Farms:


What can you do with the kale that is regularly featured in CSA boxes? Try the recipe for baked kale chips courtesy of ASAP’s Growing Minds Farm to School Program!


Click here to find out more about the CSA Fairs.

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