Ramps Roundup!

Sunday, April 22, was all about local ramps (April’s Get Local featured food) at Early Girl Eatery! They made their way into biscuits, sticky rice, jam, you name it thanks to the talents of James Beard Award-winning chefs Andrea Reusing of the Lantern in Chapel Hill and Robert Stehling of the Hominy Grill in Charleston and Early Girl staff.

The ASAP benefit dinner, officially titled In Celebration of Ramps, featured four fantastic courses and delicious wines; BIG thanks to the farmers who provided local products—from additional produce to meat, fish, and cheese—and Sour Grapes Wine. And, of course, thanks to the chefs, Early Girl, and everyone who attended! Find a photo album from the event HERE, and keep reading for a ramps recipe from Chef Reusing.

One of Chef Reusing’s favorite ramp preparations didn’t make it onto the evening’s menu, so she shared it with us! You can also find the recipe in her new cookbook Cooking in the Moment. Learn more HERE.

Wilted Ramps
From Cooking in the Moment by Andrea Reusing

Wash and dry 2 bunches of ramps*, leaving them whole. Heat a few tablespoons of bacon fat or olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat and then add the ramps. Season well with kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, and turn them frequently with tongs as they cook until they soften and begin to wilt, a few minutes. Add a splash of red wine vinegar and cook for another few minutes, until the ramps are completely tender.

*This recipe is perfect for using up your last ramps of the season. If you don’t have any in your refrigerator already, you might still be able to find a few bunches at area tailgates and roadside stands. Otherwise, file the recipe away and pull it out next year at the first sign of spring!

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