Tips for Cooking With Honey + A Hive of a Deal!

Get Local honey month is winding down. But, don’t worry, ASAP has a sweet sendoff planned for the sweet stuff! Not only is Laurey’s Gourmet Comfort Food hosting A Taste of Honey this Thursday, January 26, from 6-9 pm (click for all the details, including how to snag a ticket), but William Dissen, chef and owner of The Market Place in downtown Asheville, has put together tips for cooking with honey just for you! What’s more, he has given us an amazing Market Place coupon to share with our FromHere e-newsletter subscribers! (More deals will follow in the future, so it’s never too late to subscribe!)

“Local honey has a much deeper richness than its store-bought counterparts,” William says. In other words, it’s a must-have in the kitchen. Here are his top three tips for cooking with the natural sweetener:

Tip #1: Local honey is a much more flavorful substitute for cooking than sugar (and it’s healthier). Start by replacing the sugar in a recipe with half that amount in honey. Because honey has a higher fructose content, it has a greater sweetening power than sugar. This means you can use less honey than sugar (by volume) to achieve the desired sweetness.

Tip #2: Always store honey at room temperature. If your honey becomes cloudy, though, no need to worry. The honey has naturally crystallized. To dissolve the crystals, place the honey jar in a “warm” water bath until the crystals dissolve.

Tip #3: Try using honey as a sauce. Local honey can be great when used by itself or when poured lightly over a dessert or cheese (try blue cheese, Parmigiano-Reggiano, or mascarpone). Cheese like ricotta can be wonderful when paired with honey, figs, and prosciutto. Explore yourself and try honey on everything!

William is featuring local honey in a dessert now on his menu: lavender honey creme brulee. “It’s made with local blackberry honey and lavender from Gaining Ground Farm,” he shares. Yummm!

Inspired to cook with honey? Share your experiments and recipes below, or email!

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