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Volunteer with ASAP

Volunteer with ASAP

Volunteer with ASAP to support the local food movement! Browse our website to see the scope of our work, then let us know what appeals to you using the volunteer interest form below. If you’re looking for a longer-term volunteer position, check out our internship program. Please note that most of our projects are indoors and are better suited for individuals than for large groups. For more information, contact us at

Current Opportunities to Volunteer with ASAP

Local Food and Farm Photographers: Are you a photo student or an amateur or professional photographer? Contact ASAP to find out how you can help us promote local food and farms with your photography. Photographers who volunteer with ASAP tell the story of food and agriculture in the mountains by taking photos at events, farmers markets, farm tours. Volunteers also conduct photo shoots at farms for our promotional farmer profiles. For details, contact Lee Seabrook at

Farmers Market Reporters: Wonder how we get all of that great information for our weekly tailgate market reports? Volunteers, along with farmers, interns, ASAP staff, and market vendors, send us reports and photos of what’s new and in season at local farmer’s markets. Visit local farmers markets and chat with vendors to get the scoop on what’s new or will be arriving at markets soon. Send your market notes and photos to Jaclyn at

Office Volunteers: Join our email list for periodic office projects, including assembling materials for farmers, educators, and school children and helping with data entry, phone calls, and filing. Contact Robin at with your hours of availability.

Arts and Crafts Volunteers: If you are a quilter, costume maker, woodworker, potter, painter, or puppeteer, we would love to apply your skills towards creating aesthetic and functional materials for engaging the public around food and farms. We have lots of crafty wish list items, including paperweights for event tabling, produce/farmer costumes, head-in-hole cutouts, table runners, games, and more. Contact for more information and check out our list of possible projects. This opportunity is great for groups and art classes!

Volunteer Interest Form

Complete the form below to let us know how you’d like to volunteer with ASAP and to be contacted for future opportunities:

Volunteer Interest Form

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