Partner Business Support

Restaurants, groceries, wholesalers, artisan producers, and other retailers can help build a strong local food system. ASAP offers sourcing, networking, and marketing support for food businesses in the Appalachian Grown region.

Become an Appalachian Grown Partner Business

Businesses that have made a commitment to source and identify local foods may become partners in ASAP’s Appalachian Grown Program, which certifies local food and farm products. By becoming an Appalachian Grown Partner Business, you help consumers identify local food and promote your support of local farms. 

ASAP’s Local Food Guide is the go-to resource for local food in Western North Carolina and the Southern Appalachians. Appalachian Grown Partner Businesses receive a free listing in the online guide, a searchable database for customers looking for local food. The print edition of the Local Food Guide, with more than 50,000 copies distributed annually, is an opportunity to highlight your local food commitment through listings or display ads.

Sourcing & Farm Connections

Market Connections: ASAP offers free consulting to discuss local sourcing options and tips for buying from local farms. Whether you are you looking for a specific seasonal ingredient or a reliable source for year-round Appalachian Grown products, ASAP can help you narrow your search and connect you with farms or distributors that fit your needs.

Wholesale Local Food Guide: Opt to include your business in the Wholesale Guide when you create your free listing in the online Local Food Guide. Include the products you are seeking or search for what farms are offering.

Grower-Buyer Meetings: Grower-Buyer Meetings are like speed-dating for local farms and buyers. Start a conversation with several farmers about your sourcing needs and their product availability. ASAP offers Grower-Buyer Meeting opportunities both virtually and in-person.


Marketing Assistance: ASAP offers free consulting to help you promote your relationship with Appalachian Grown farms.

Door Stickers: We provide free Appalachian Grown Partner Businesses door stickers.

Farm Profiles & Product Posters: Profiles of farmers and other promotional materials are available for display in your restaurant, store, or on your website. Displaying these images is a great way to share local food and farm stories at the point of purchase. See a list of Appalachian Grown Promotional Materials for Partner Businesses.

Appalachian Grown Logo: The Appalachian Grown logo is available electronically in a variety of formats and colors for use by our partners in advertising and marketing. Add the logo to your menu or website to identify certified local farms and products. View the Appalachian Grown Marketing Guide for usage details and examples.

Community Events Calendar: Post your business’s local food and farm related events, and we’ll promote them to our community through our listserv and weekly newsletter.


Classifieds: Want to reach the local food and farm community with specific products, services, or needs? Post a free classified ad and subscribe to our listserv to receive a weekly digest email of ads and events.

Social Media: ASAP uses Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote local food, news, and happenings in our region. Connect with ASAP’s social media posts to align your business with the region’s local food movement. Use #appalachiangrown and tag your posts @asapconnections.

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