SNAP at Farmers Markets

Fresh and Local for Everyone!

Many farmers markets in the Appalachian Grown region accept SNAP/EBT. Find a list, as well as information about market hours, locations, and vendors. Taking the bus? Find Asheville farmers markets that accept SNAP/EBT on the ART bus line.

How does SNAP at farmers markets work?

  1. Bring your SNAP/EBT card to the market information table.
  2. Swipe your card for the amount of money you want to spend.
  3. Receive that amount of money in market tokens to use on eligible products at individual farmer stands.
  4. Shop for fresh and healthy food while supporting local farmers!
  5. No cash back, but tokens do not expire.

What items are eligible to buy with SNAP?

  • fruits and vegetables
  • breads and cereals
  • meats, fish, poultry
  • dairy products
  • seeds and plants that produce edible foods

Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables

ASAP's Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables

ASAP’s Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables program offers a match on dollars spent by SNAP customers at participating farmers markets with tokens that can be used for produce. As a SNAP customer, if you swipe your EBT card for $10, you’ll get $10 in SNAP tokens as well as $10 in Farm Fresh Bucks, which can be spent with any vendor for fruits and vegetables. SNAP tokens may be used for SNAP-eligible products from any vendor (see above). Farm Fresh Bucks may only be used for fruits and vegetables. Currently, there is a $20 cap per market visit on the match.

The markets below are currently participating in Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables. More markets may be added as they open. Check back for updates.

ASAP piloted Double SNAP in 2019 and in 2020 expanded it to support eight farmers markets in the region. In 2022, due to funding changes, the program shifted to a match for fruits and vegetables only. In a survey of markets and shoppers, ASAP found that SNAP incentives like Double SNAP dramatically increased SNAP customers and sales at farmers markets. The program provided vital access to fresh, healthy food during a challenging time, as well as bringing in more income for local farmers and food businesses. Hear more about ASAP’s Double SNAP pilot and expansion on our Growing Local podcast. Read the impact report from the Local Food Research Center.

Want to support Double SNAP for Fruits and Vegetables? Donate here.

Other SNAP incentives

Other markets throughout the region also offer SNAP incentives. Get a list of these markets in ASAP’s online Local Food Guide. These programs can vary by market and may have caps or other restrictions. Check with individual markets to confirm details. 

Want to accept SNAP at your farmers market?

Find resources for improving your existing SNAP market program or starting a new program at your market.

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