Grower-Buyer Meetings

Grower-buyer meetings are a chance for farmers and producers to introduce themselves to grocers, distributors, and chefs and discuss products and potential interest. There are no promises made and no contracts signed; it’s just a chance to open a door and follow up later. For growers who are just getting started, this is a great opportunity to learn about individual buyer requirements.

In addition to the annual Grower-Buyer Meeting at the Business of Farming Conference, ASAP offers periodic stand-alone events, both virtually and in person.  Are you a buyer interested in meeting with local farmers? Contact David Smiley with any questions.

How to Prepare for a Grower-Buyer Meeting

Have farm materials available to share digitally. Helpful items might include:

  • Price sheets
  • Projected product availability
  • Brochure or fact sheet with info about insurances, food safety, delivery terms and area, packaging, etc.
  • Photos of the farm
  • Product samples

Don’t be intimidated if you don’t have these items. Depending on the buyer and your stage of business development, a quick “get to know you chat” and a handshake might be right. The buyers we invite are friendly and are there to educate and inform as well as to source product.

Here are some questions you might like to ask:

  • What are your specs for my product line? (size, packaging, ripeness, preferred cuts, etc.)
  • What volume of my products might you be interested in purchasing?
  • What insurance, food safety, and labeling/packaging requirements do you have?
  • What is your preferred delivery schedule?
  • How do you like to make orders? (phone call, fax form, email, etc.)
  • How can I follow up on this meeting? What would be the right timing to connect again?

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