Farmers Market Support

ASAP provides resources, networking opportunities, and promotional support for farmers markets (also called tailgate markets) across the Appalachian Grown region. This includes:

  • Free listings and discounted ads in ASAP’s print and online Local Food Guide for Appalachian Grown certified markets. (Learn more about the Appalachian Grown Program to see if your market qualifies.)
  • The Appalachian Grown Farmers Market Managers Network, an active forum to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from fellow market managers.
  • An annual Farmers Market Summit to convene market managers from across the region. The summit typically takes place at the Business of Farming Conference and gives market managers free registration.
  • The opportunity to participate in multi-market promotions or use ASAP’s Promotional Activity Kits (Pick-a-PAK).
  • Individual support as needed. Contact Farmers Market Program Manager Mike McCreary for more information.

Farmers Market Toolkit

Part 1, published in May 2021 and viewable above, focuses on marketing, promotion, and outreach. It is intended as a guide to help market managers increase sales to existing customers, improve customer retention, and expand the customer base. Part 2 will center on market operations and management.

Additional Resources for Market Managers

The documents and workshop recordings linked below offer guidance for markets at all stages. If you can’t find what you need, contact Farmers Market Program Manager Mike McCreary for additional support.

Starting a Farmers Market

Farmers markets can help create community around local food, provide sales opportunities for local farms, and draw customers to underused areas. Your first steps in starting a market are finding a location, recruiting vendors, and drafting clear rules.

Market Management

Markets face many challenges, from attracting customers to streamlining operations to reducing risk. Good market management will address these issues to create a thriving local food hub.

Market Safety and Regulations

As a market manager, you are responsible for the safety of your market and the food products sold there. From canopy setup to food handling guidelines, there is a lot to keep in mind. The following resources will help you identify risks and develop regulations based on best practices.


Marketing is key for growing your customer base and attracting quality vendors. Through promotions, special events, and customer feedback, you can generate excitement for your market throughout the season.

Sales and SNAP/EBT

How can your market drive more sales? Use these resources to help your vendors thrive. Get information on how to reach low-income shoppers through SNAP/EBT.

Case Studies

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