Packaging & Branding Materials

Using Appalachian Grown™ packaging and branding informs your customers that what they are buying is certified local. ASAP offers a bulk purchasing program for materials as well as custom options to Appalachian Grown certified farms. Order materials online using the button below or call the office at 828-236-1282. Products can be picked up by prearrangement between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Products (with the exception of wax boxes) can also be shipped; shipping costs apply and will take 10–14 business days to process.

Appalachian Grown Rubber Bands

Rubber bands
These 3.5×1/4″ 100% rubber bands are great for bundling leafy greens or broccoli.

200 count | $7/lb (3.5¢ each)

Appalachian Grown twist tie

Produce twist tie
12″ water-resistant paper-on-wire twist ties for leafy greens and root crops.

500 count | $7/bundle (1.4¢ each)

Appalachian Grown roll bag with arugula

Plastic roll bags
Package a multitude of products with offer easy identification and storage; available in two sizes.

Large (9x5x18″, gusset), 500 per roll | $19/roll (3.8¢ each)
Small (9×14″, no gusset), 1000 per roll | $23/roll (2.3¢ each)

Appalachian Grown wax boxes with kale

Wax boxes
One-color boxes for wholesale produce and CSA distribution; available in four sizes.

1/2 Bu. | $1.91/box (orders of 100+ $1.72/box)
3/4 Bu. | $2.55/box (orders of 100+ $2.30/box)
1 1/9 Bu. | $2.85/box (orders of 100+ $2.56/box)
1.8 Bu. | $3.98/box (orders of 100+ $3.58/box)

Appalachian Grown Sticker

Label jar lids, bags, or larger products; available in two sizes.

1″ sticker | 1,500 per roll | $20/roll (1.3¢ each)
2″ sticker | 500 per roll | $15/roll (3¢ each)

Appalachian Grown Honey Materials

Honey stickers
Assure customers of your product’s quality.

500 per roll | $8/roll (1.6¢ each)

Appalachian Grown Logo

Vinyl sticker
12×12″ vinyl sticker of Appalachian Grown logo can be attached to existing signs or surfaces.

$5 each

Appalachian Grown trucker hat

Trucker caps
Made in USA; featuring the Appalachian Grown logo in green and white.

$15 each

“Hablo Español” buttons
Let your market customers know if you or your staff speak Spanish.


Custom Materials

Customize these Appalachian Grown promotional materials with your logo or farm name. Contact for more information.

  • PLU labels can be customized by with your farm name and products.
  • Custom invoices, a two-part receipt book available printed or as a template that can be suppled to a printer.
  • The Appalachian Grown logo is available in a variety of formats and colors for use in advertising and packaging. Fill out the form at the bottom of the Appalachian Grown page to download.
PLU with Appalachian Grown logo

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