100% Local Food Challenge

There are lots of ways to eat locally, and it’s entirely possible to eat only local food for an entire day. Here are a few ways to take the 100% Local Challenge.

Start the day with farm fresh eggs and bread from the farmers market, or make an omelette with sauteed greens and local cheese. Though you won’t find locally grown coffee at the farmers market, there are a few local roasters who offer fair trade coffee. Add cream from a local dairy to make the morning more indulgent.

For lunch, make a big salad with baby greens and a rainbow of radishes—both are in season right now. Add local goat cheese and strawberries for a spring treat and serve with crusty bread and local butter.

Try a snack of local crackers and cured meat or bake some kale chips if you have the time. Take spring carrots and hummus anywhere for a simple snack on the go.

Dinner is one of the easiest local meals to plan. Cook up pork chops from a local farm or choose a locally-produced alternative protein for the base of the meal. Serve with fresh asparagus, new potatoes, and a spring salad. End the day with ice cream and carmelita made with local goat milk, or keep it simple with a pastry from one of the region’s many bakeries.

Almost all of these ingredients can be found during one trip to the farmers market. Sketch out a menu in advance or let your senses lead you through the market to discover the makings of a great meal.

Find more ideas for cooking and eating what’s fresh every week at www.fromhere.org

Aired 5/23/16

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