Get Your Garden Started at Farmers Markets

The soil is warming up and home gardeners are eager to get their plants in the ground. May marks the last frost for much of the region, meaning it’s safe to plant summer annuals outside. Some vegetables grow best when their seeds are planted directly in the soil, but many others thrive as transplants.

Some local farmers sell young plants or starts at farmers markets. Healthy starts are essential for a lush vegetable garden, especially when it’s too late to start your own tomatoes or peppers from seed.

Purchasing starts at local markets supports farmers as the season gets going, and bringing their plants into your garden lets you benefit from the farmer’s years of experience. Growing vegetables at home can also save on food costs all summer, and at many markets SNAP/ EBT can be used to purchase vegetable and fruit plant starts.

Blue Heron Farm and Flying Cloud Farm are selling starts at North Asheville Tailgate Market this spring, along with Finally Farm and Paper Crane Farm at Asheville City Market. Christine’s Plants sells starts at the Transylvania Farmers Market, including Egyptian walking onions that made their debut earlier this spring.

Tomatoes, basil, oregano, and lettuces are just a few of the starts that can be found markets, and more arrive every week. Keep up with what’s fresh at markets across the region

Aired 5/9/16

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