Local Christmas Trees Brighten the Season

Picture the perfect Christmas tree. It’s tall and cone-shaped, has strong boughs for hanging ornaments, its needles stay on the tree for weeks after it’s harvested, and it smells divine. This ideal Christmas tree is likely a Fraser fir.  Fraser fir trees grow naturally at elevations above 4,500 feet and thrive in the Southern Appalachian … Read more

Farmers Market Managers Look Back on 2020

2020 has been an unusual year in every way, including how we access food. At the beginning of the pandemic, many people were concerned about safety at grocery stores and worried about food shortages as national supply chains were strained. This prompted people to turn to local farmers markets as a safer and reliable alternative.  … Read more

Feasting with Farmers

After a long year of planting seeds, harvesting summer crops, and tending to fall greens, many farmers look forward to a holiday feast. It’s a time to share the abundance with the people they love and enjoy the bounty they’ve cultivated all year. Shiloh Avery from Tumbling Shoals Farm in Wilkes County, North Carolina has … Read more

Meet The Farmers Who Grew Your Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving plate is more than a collection of fall foods. It’s also a way to give thanks to the farmers who spent months growing the vegetables, fruit, and main dishes that bring us comfort each year. On this episode of Growing Local, we’ll meet the farmers who grew your holiday feast. Let’s start the … Read more

TK Farm Grows an Orchard and a Family

New farmers sometimes spend months debating what to name their farm, but Jon and Brittany Kimstra knew that TK Family Farm was right for them when they were in the maternity wing with their daughter and newborn twins. “The doctor came in to check on them and as he came into the hospital room he … Read more

CSA Farmers Look Back on an Unusual Year

When the pandemic began in March, many people wondered where they would get their food. Public health experts encouraged people to be cautious at grocery stores and avoid touching products that had been handled by employees and other customers as food went through the national supply chain.  At the same time, Community Supported Agriculture was … Read more

Farmers Market Fun Goes Virtual

During a typical year, farmers markets offer a dizzying array of activities. From cooking demos and tomato tastings, to jam festivals and morning yoga, farmers markets are a place to have fun while celebrating local food and healthy living. Most of these in-person activities are on hold because of the pandemic, but farmers market managers … Read more

Farmers and Food Pantries Join Forces to Help Families

The food pantry at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Marion, North Carolina has been a busy place since it was founded 40 years ago. The pantry grew from a small closet of non-perishable items to a weekly hub where community members receive meat, dairy, frozen foods, deli items,  and now an abundance of fresh vegetables.  … Read more

Sunburst Trout Farms Swims Upstream

Wes Eason balances on a wooden walk board near the base of Lake Logan Dam, where 6,000 gallons of water per minute rush into raceways filled with rainbow trout. As the third generation of his family to farm and process fish at Sunburst Trout Farms, he couldn’t be more comfortable walking above the concrete raceways … Read more

Workplace CSAs Support Farmers and Employees

It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon and Shannon Barrett, human resource manager for the City of Asheville, is standing in the lobby of Asheville City Hall. Employees and visitors are rushing to appointments upstairs, but Shannon has a reason to slow down and think about her health today. “I’m getting ready to open my CSA box,” … Read more

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