Laura Torres

Laura Torres is the market manager for Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market in Waynesville. The market is part of the WNC Double SNAP Network, a partnership between ASAP, MountainWise, and Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture to support and expand SNAP incentive programs and farmers markets throughout Western North Carolina.  

What are you most looking forward to this season at Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market?

I am most looking forward to seeing a wide variety of vendors this season, as well as hosting our community events just about once a month. We had a very successful May Day at the Market event earlier this month, where participants got to make flower crowns, do fairy hair, join in our Native Plants Raffle, and watch a performance from a local dance troop! Events like these create the type of community we’re striving for in Haywood County, and we just love seeing everyone come out to have fun and hang out at the market on Saturday mornings.

What are some of your favorite in-season products at the market right now? Do you have go-to recipes for this time of year?

Radishes! I love to do a quick-pickled radish to keep in the fridge and add to different meals like salads and tacos.

How have you seen programs like Double SNAP/Double Up Food Bucks impact the market community?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard participants exclaiming how grateful they are that they can use their EBT cards and receive the double up to make what they have stretch even farther, especially for healthy, locally grown foods. This program is so beneficial to both participants and farmers.

What are some of your challenges in managing a farmers market? 

Coordinating with a large group always comes with challenges, but these are far outweighed by how fun and exciting it is to learn all of the vendors’ stories about how they started their businesses and different tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way. We truly have an amazing group of vendors at our market and I feel extremely fortunate to be the one to wrangle them each week!

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