Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Despite what some people may believe, local food does not disappear in December. Area farmers tailgate markets are full of provisions that run the gamut from vegetables to meats, fruits to cheese, bread to eggs, and everything in between. In addition to all the great food, there are even MORE craft vendors than throughout the rest of the year, so that you can do your holiday shopping while you buy your groceries! Here are some highlights of what you might find for your weekly food list and gift ideas, which may even overlap. Check back next week too for more highlights this holiday season.
Preserved Products: Sweet and scrumptious, jams and jellies are the perfect gift for that health-conscious cousin with a sweet tooth. Find a range of jams and jellies from Mountain Man Preserves (at Asheville City Market and West Asheville Indoor Tailgate Market) or Imladris Farm (at The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville).
Crafts: Pottery is not only artistic and aesthetically impressive, but it’s functional, as well. Not sure what to buy for a loved one? A handmade mug is a great way to go.
Body care products: Bonny Bath and Hap Mountain Herbal have salves, moisturizers, and more — a soothing gift solution for the folks in your life in need of some care and rest for their weary bodies.
Holiday decorations: No holiday decoration is complete without a tree! Christmas trees are a wonderful way for local farms to diversify, and an ideal way to make your holiday more sustainable while supporting local farmers. Visit Thatchmore Farm (at The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville and West Asheville Indoor Tailgate Market) to find the perfect tree.
Wild card item: Tutus? Yes, tutus! The Artsy Farm at the Weaverville Tailgate Market has tutus — for your fun-loving friends who like to dress-up, or the child in your life who wants to be a princess.
Vegetables: Rutabaga is the often neglected stepchild of the root vegetable family, but don’t let that fool you, rutabagas are packed with flavor. Combine with beets, onions, and garlic for an incredible roasted root vegetable dish. Find them from Pitch Pine Farm (at Transylvania Farmers Market) and Gaining Ground Farm (at Asheville City Market and The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville).
Other food staples: Meat is often a centerpiece of the holiday meal, as well as a constant on many folks’ weekly grocery lists. There are a number of local farms selling meat at market including East Fork Farm (at The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville), Dry Ridge Farm (West Asheville Indoor Tailgate Market and Asheville City Market), as well as others. Stop by and explore what they have this week.
Gift certificates: Ask your market manager if they have gift certificates available. Give your loved ones the gift of choosing their own local present this year.
Buncombe County Holiday Markets:
Asheville City Market, 9 am–noon, at Asheville Public Works Building, 161 South Charlotte Street (regular location), every Saturday through December 19.
Weaverville Tailgate Market: Holiday Market, 2 pm-6 pm, Located beside Lake Louise in Weaverville (regular location), every Wednesday through December 23.
West Asheville Tailgate Market: Indoor Holiday Market, 2:30 pm-6 pm, at Mothlight at Mr Fred’s, 701 Haywood Road, Tuesdays through December 22.
The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville, noon-3 pm, at University Heights Blvd, UNC Asheville Campus (regular location), every Saturday through December 19.
For a complete list of Appalachian Grown™ certified tailgate markets browse our online Local Food Guide or the online farmers market calendar.

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