Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

With the warmer weather, we’re gearing up for outdoor farmers tailgate markets to open. But before they do, we have a few more weeks to visit indoor winter markets. Be sure to check out the vibrant, colorful indoor markets before they close for the season in the last week of March.
This year, there have been a new additions to the YMCA Indoor Winter Market, including Golden Moon Tortillas. You can pick up their tortillas at the market on Saturday morning, or a delicious, freshly prepared taco, made on the spot. The tortillas are made with spring water and organic, non-GMO ingredients.
Farmin’ the Sky has greens, greens, and greens, galore! Walking up to their booth at the YMCA market feels like walking up to a jungle. They have kales, bak choys, lettuces, herbs, and more. Visit them this week to get your green on!
Have you tried sunchokes? They’re a very distinctly flavored root vegetable that grows quite prolifically. Sunchokes can be eaten raw in salads, or roasted with other root veggies. Find them from Wildwood Herbal at Asheville City Market and the YMCA Indoor Winter Market.
Scarlet frills are a small “green” that are actually more of a deep purple color. Often farmers will include them in their salad mixes, but Jake’s Farm (at Asheville City Market) sells them on their own. They’re so delicious— slightly bitter, but with an underlying sweetness, and their flavor only gets better when you cook them slightly in oil or butter in a pan.
Want to hear more about local winter markets? ASAP has a radio series called Growing Local, and more than one episode had featured the indoor winter tailgate markets. Check them out on Soundcloud.
Winter markets take place throughout the region. Check out the “2016 Winter Farmers Markets” page on ASAP’s website on As always, you can find information about which farm stands are open and other farms to visit in the winter months by visiting ASAP’s online Local Food Guide at

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