Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Unique to area farmers tailgate markets are the moments that shoppers share with farmers and each other when they express enthusiasm for a new produce item: that excitement of finding your favorite fruit that has finally arrived at market; of finding a new variety of veggie that you hadn’t known existed; of finding a food your family cooked for you as a kid. For some folks, summer squash — particularly zucchini — can elicit such an exchange.
Oh, zucchini, the grillable, roastable, stir-friable squash that is to summer as pumpkin is to fall! With one of the most distinct and captivating names at the market, zucchini entrances us throughout the summer. The very first of these stellar squash are now at area farmers tailgate markets, just waiting for you to bring them home and grill. Stop by Blue Meadow Farms at West Asheville Tailgate Market, Black Mountain Tailgate Market, and Asheville City Market, as well as other farms’ tables, for they will surely proliferate with each week!
Broccoli and cauliflower is beginning to abound even more at markets than previous weeks. Ten Mile Farm (Asheville City Market and River Arts District Farmers Market) has yellow, white, purple, and green varieties of cauliflower that are sure to dazzle and delight, and Paper Crane Farm (Asheville City Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market) has wide, full heads of green broccoli that are sure to impress.
Carrots are for sale from many farms, and the majority of produce vendors continue to have a wide range of greens from salad mixes and bak choi, to collards, kales, and chards.
Looking for a versatile, but still adventurous, protein to cook with all these delectable veggies? Free Range Farm at East Asheville Tailgate Market has duck and quail eggs. These eggs are perfect for guests, a special meal, or just to make your usual breakfast eats a little more exciting. Also, try scrambling with Chicken of the Woods mushrooms from Asheville Fungi (Asheville City Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market).
Area farmers tailgate markets take place throughout the region. As always, you can find information about when tailgate markets, farm stands, and other farms to visit, are open by visiting our online Local Food Guide.

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