Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Nightshades have started to come to the light of farmers markets. Potatoes have been at the markets for weeks, in all shades and sizes, and now eggplant, peppers, and yes, tomatoes, are here, too!

Both Fairytale and Japanese varieties of eggplant have begun making their way to markets. Eggplants have been cultivated all over the world, and there are so many different varieties of this vegetable. Right now visit Ten Mile Farm (Asheville City Market and River Arts District Farmers Market) and Paper Crane Farm (West Asheville Tailgate Market and Asheville City Market) for fairytale eggplant. Both Flying Cloud Farm and Full Sun Farm (North Asheville Tailgate Market and River Arts District Farmers Market) have Chinese and Japanese eggplant varieties that are both long skinny and have darker shades of purple.
Bell peppers have just begun to appear at some farmers tables, and they will surely multiply in the coming weeks. For now, you can find them from Highgate Farm (West Asheville Tailgate Market, Weaverville Tailgate Market, and Black Mountain Tailgate Market), as well as Flying Cloud Farm.
Though there have been greenhouse tomatoes over the past few months of market, the very first outdoor tomatoes are making their way to markets now. Both Full Sun Farm and Ten Mile Farm have brought the very first of their tomatoes to market. Check back in over the coming weeks for updates about the wide range of tomato varieties as they come to the area.
Some new fruits can be found this week. Highgate Farm has wineberries, and they won’t have many, so get ‘em while you can! Creasman Farms, along with their white peaches, have white nectarines. White peaches are more crisp in texture than their yellow relatives, and they have a more floral, less sweet flavor. If you’ve liked their white peaches in the past few weeks, give their white nectarines a try! The nectarines are more tart than the peaches, and they burst with flavor!
Each week farmers have a wide array of fruits and vegetables. In addition to produce, you can always find a range of meats, cheeses, eggs, breads, baked goods, value added items, fresh flowers, and other treats!
Area farmers tailgate markets take place throughout the region. As always, you can find information about farms, tailgate markets, and farm stands, including locations and hours, by visiting ASAP’s online Local Food Guide.

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