Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Asheville and Western North Carolina have so much to offer in the way of outings. The mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests are perfect for exploring. Area farmers tailgate markets are a great excursion, too. Try new foods, connect with community, listen to live music, and buy fruits, vegetables, and more direct from local farmers.

Markets are great for the whole family. Many markets have tents set up with kids’ activities, but if they don’t, you can engage young ones by giving them a few dollars or a market token to let them purchase a fruit or veggie of their choice. Most markets feature live music and sometimes there will be an audience congregated around the music and even some dancing market-shoppers. Prepared foods from bakeries and food trucks make perfect breakfasts on Saturday mornings and wonderful lunches at weekday afternoon markets.
In our region, farmers markets aren’t just on the weekends — there are markets almost every day of the week. Check out our list of where markets are each day of the week.
What might you find this week at an outing to a market? Sweet corn just popped up from Lee’s One Fortune Farm (Asheville City Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market). Heirloom tomatoes have begun to take over farmers’ tables in bright oranges, reds, and pinks. These beauties are gorgeous and incredibly juicy and delicious! Melons made their debut with cantaloupes from Ten Mile Farm (River Arts District Farmers Market and Asheville City Market). In addition to these newer arrivals, find fruits such as blackberries, blueberries, peaches, and more. And a wide variety of vegetables including carrots, potatoes, summer squash, greens, okra, eggplant, cabbage, and so many others.
Area farmers tailgate markets take place throughout the region. As always, you can find information about farms, tailgate markets, and farm stands, including locations and hours, by visiting ASAP’s online Local Food Guide.

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