Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Area farmers tailgate markets sure looked like fall on the first official day of the new season thanks to displays of Indian corn, pumpkins, and, of course, apples.

“You gotta try these,” said shopper Mary Thompson about B and L Organic’s Royal Limbertwig apples, which were nestled among their ever-growing supply of pumpkins at North Asheville Tailgate Market. Also find B and L at French Broad Food Co-op (FBFC) Wednesday Tailgate Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market. McConnell Farms (Asheville City Market, Asheville City Market South, North Asheville Tailgate Market) plans to have Galas this week and likely Cameos, too. While they can’t say for sure, they promise “a sweet and a tart; an apple for everyone’s taste buds!”
Expect more pumpkins from additional vendors in the coming weeks. And grab up another fall decorating must-have: Indian corn. Both Earhart Market Gardens and Tsalagi Greens had gorgeous, colorful displays last weekend at Asheville City Market and will continue offering it as the season sets in.
Of course, there are other signs of the season as well: notably broccoli, which is starting to arrive again after a summer hiatus. Stems were spotted from Tucker’s Garden at North Asheville Tailgate Market, and Ten Mile Farm (Asheville City Market, Montford Farmers Market) expects broccoli this week. Gladheart Farm (Asheville City Market South,  East Asheville Tailgate Market, Oakley Farmers Market) reports their second crop of cucumbers are in. And cool weather-loving carrots will arrive soon. Leafy greens, potatoes, and winter squash will continue to abound.
Speaking of greens, keep your eyes out for the unexpected. Stinging nettle and Vietnamese coriander were spotted from Jake’s Farm last weekend at Asheville City Market; find Jake’s at FBFC Wednesday Tailgate Market as well. Vietnamese coriander, also known as Vietnamese mint, is said to taste similar to its counterpart but with a lemon kick.
If all this doesn’t have you in the fall spirit, Thanksgiving talk should. You can already reserve a local turkey from Which Came First Farm! Find them at FBFC Wednesday Tailgate Market and Oakley Farmers Market.
On Thursday, September 27, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue will hold an adoption event from 4 to7 pm at Oakley Farmers Market. Saturday, Falderal Winery will visit the Henderson County Tailgate Market from 8 until 10:30 am for a wine tasting. Saturday at North Asheville Tailgate Market, Mountain Harvest Organics will roast peppers; the market runs 8 am-noon.

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