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Saving Seeds and Sustaining Cherokee Traditions at Long Family Farm

It’s the end of the growing season and Harold Long is standing in front of a row of pole beans. The vines are withered and the pods are bone dry, but this seed’s journey is actually just beginning. Harold and […]Read More ▶▶

Shop Local at Holiday Markets

The holiday season is in full swing here in Western North Carolina, and farmers markets are bustling with locals and visitors looking for holiday gifts. We ran into two customers at Asheville City Market who agreed to let us follow […]Read More ▶▶

How A Turkey Farm Gets Ready for Thanksgiving

It’s a stunning late autumn day in Franklin, North Carolina. The sun is setting over the hillsides at Winding Stair Farm, and while the mountains are in shadow, the pasture glows in the afternoon light. I’m walking down the gravel […]Read More ▶▶

How Local Chefs Celebrate Thanksgiving

As we start the countdown to Thanksgiving, families throughout the region are planning their holiday feasts—and so are local chefs. We asked two Asheville-based chefs to share their Thanksgiving traditions and offer some tips for making a holiday meal with […]Read More ▶▶

Finding Home Through Local Food

There’s so much to discover in Western North Carolina, especially for someone who’s recently moved to the region. One way to become part of a new community is to explore the area through local food. “It’s just so great to […]Read More ▶▶

Building Community Connections at Beacon Village Farm

It takes farms of all sizes to create a thriving food system. Here in Western North Carolina, some farms sell directly to customers through farmers markets and community supported agriculture. There are also larger-scale local farms that use food distributors […]Read More ▶▶

Workplace CSAs Support Employees and Farmers

It’s a busy Wednesday afternoon and Shannon Barrett, human resource manager for the City of Asheville, is standing in the lobby of Asheville City Hall. Employees and visitors are rushing to appointments upstairs, but Shannon has a reason to slow […]Read More ▶▶

From a Backyard Experiment to the Family Business

Sometimes a handful of soil can spark a family’s interest in sustainability. Vincent and Colleen Sicca came to ASAP’s community storybooth to share how their family gained a greater understanding of how food is grown. Vincent and Colleen wanted to […]Read More ▶▶

Looking Back on 10 Years of Farming

Of all the jobs in the world, why would someone choose farming? For some people, it’s a desire to keep a multi-generational farm up and running. For others, it’s a childhood passion that became a career. For Sara Jane Davis, […]Read More ▶▶

Hmong Farmers Find Safety in WNC

Tou Lee stands in the middle of a rice field at Lee’s One Fortune Farm in Marion, North Carolina. He pulls on a glove, runs his hand up the stalk and over the tassel, and shakes individual grains of rice […]Read More ▶▶

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