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Wehrloom Honey’s Sweet Rewards

Sometimes a thoughtful gift can cause a chain reaction. A curiosity becomes a hobby that turns into a family business and eventually becomes a cornerstone of a community. When Aron and Jessica Wehr first moved from Pennsylvania to Robbinsville, North […]Read More ▶▶

Cherokee Communities Sustain Agricultural Traditions

Food sovereignty has been central to indigenous communities for thousands of years. Families worked together to grow gardens, prepare meals, and share or trade the bounty with each other. Growing traditional crops like corn, beans, and pumpkins was not only […]Read More ▶▶

NC State Extension Helps Farmers During COVID-19

Every year, farmers rely on a network of resource providers to help them navigate the challenges of farming. NC State Cooperative Extension is one of these critical resources, answering questions and helping farmers troubleshoot everything from pest management to food […]Read More ▶▶

Tiny Bridge, Big Dreams

KP Whaley of Tiny Bridge Farm in Henderson County, North Carolina grew up in the industrial city of Rockford, Illinois where his father and three older brothers were machinists. “We all grew up working with our hands in oil and […]Read More ▶▶

ASAP Links Farmers with Food Relief Organizations

For the past 20 years, The Community Table has provided nutritious food to residents of Jackson County, North Carolina, including seniors, people with disabilities, children, and working families. Paige Christie, executive director of The Community Table, says they’ve seen a […]Read More ▶▶

Farms Weigh Pros and Cons of Offering Lodging during COVID-19

For the past several years, agritourism has been on the rise for Appalachian farms. Farmers have built cabins and converted barns into rentals where vacationers can stay at the farm, eat fresh local food, and enjoy farm activities. The number […]Read More ▶▶

Building Community Connections at Beacon Village Farm

It takes farms of all sizes to create a thriving food system. Here in Western North Carolina, some farms sell directly to customers through farmers markets and community supported agriculture. There are also larger-scale local farms that use food distributors […]Read More ▶▶

Starting a Farm During COVID-19

When even established farms are struggling during COVID-19, what’s it like to start a new farm? When we spoke with Stephanie Vinat of The AppaLatin Farmstead in February, she was full of enthusiasm for the year ahead. “We’re in Marshall, […]Read More ▶▶

Community Colleges Incorporate Farm to School Learning

When COVID-19 hit, many universities and community colleges pivoted to online learning. While some courses are a natural fit for e-learning, there are other majors that benefit from in-person training, like early childhood education. “When I first heard that early […]Read More ▶▶

When Restaurants Closed, The Culinary Gardener Started a CSA

Evan Chender had big plans for 2020. For the past four years he has grown edible flowers and specialty greens for restaurants in Asheville and Atlanta under the name The Culinary Gardener. He hired employees, purchased a four-acre piece of […]Read More ▶▶

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