The Pick-a-PAK (Promotional Activity Kits) lending program provides Appalachian Grown certified farmers markets with activities for shopper engagement and education.

Available PAKs

Know Your Farmer

Gather fun facts about your vendors and have market shoppers try to identify which vendor the fact is about. Shoppers with x number of correct answers win a prize. This is a great way to engage your customers and encourage vendor-customer conversation and relationship building.

Crow Costume

Interact with the community as a crow. Pairs nicely with Halloween events, story time, and pest management workshops.

Tomato Costume

tomato costume

Interact with the community as a tomato. Pairs nicely with tomato-themed events, festivals, contests, taste tests, etc.

Strawberry Costume & Game

Strawberry Costume & Game

Interact with the community as a strawberry. Includes flip-card game in which kids (or adults) choose a card to flip over and win different amounts of strawberries. Also comes with paper containers for strawberries. Pairs nicely with taste tests and strawberry-themed days at market.

Mystery Vegetable Game

Mystery Vegetable Game

Three boxes with openings covered by curtains. Participants reach inside without looking, and try to identify the vegetable inside. Correct identification wins a prize.

Dot Survey Kit

Dot Survey Kit

Dot surveys are a great way to gather information, and answer questions, related to your market’s customer base. They also serve as a customer engagement activity. Kit includes large flip chart, easel, dots stickers, and markers.

ASAP’s Growing Minds Farm to School program also has supplies for activities engaging and educating children at your market. For more information about these activities, contact growingminds@asapconnections.org.

How It Works

All PAKs must be checked out before taking them to your market. To request an item, fill out a checkout request. To confirm that the item you want is available, take a look at our Pick-a-PAK Calendar. Please return the PAK to the ASAP office within a week of it being used to avoid late fees. 


A late fee of  $1.00 per day will be charged beginning eight days after the item has been checked out. There is a damage fee associated with each PAK. The damage fee is only applicable in the event that any of the items are lost or badly damaged/no longer usable.

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