A Farm Tour Audio Adventure

More than 1,000 people visited local farms on ASAP’s Farm Tour in June, and the sounds of farms at work were heard throughout Western North Carolina on this audio adventure. Come along for an audio tour as we meet an array of animals, go behind the scenes at a hot sauce farm, and truly learn where our food comes from.

Listen to behind-the-scenes tours from farmers at Smoking J’s Fiery Foods, L.O.T.U.S. Urban Farm, and Venezia Dream Farm Alpacas. Then hear the reaction from the crowd at Mills River Creamery when a calf was born before their eyes.

Click on the Soundcloud link above to hear the story.

See photos from all the farms in this story on ASAP’s Instagram feed, and learn more about ASAP’s annual Farm Tour at asapconnections.org.


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