Roots of Local Movement

For most of the region, agriculture is in a state of transition. For example, burley tobacco once dominated farming in the Southern Appalachians. It was a major cash crop at the center of the region’s agriculture for over a century. But the economics of tobacco farming changed and by the mid-1990s, it became clear that … Read more

Where to Find Local Winter Foods

Tomato season has come and gone and summer squash is a distant memory, but local food thrives all year long in the Southern Appalachians. There are many vegetables that stay fresh during the winter months—including giant kohlrabi and other root vegetables that can be stored until early spring, and spinach varieties that can grow in … Read more

Local Food For All

A stroll through the local farmers market is like walking through a cornucopia of abundance. Sweet potatoes are piled high near yellow onions and fresh greens. But before these ingredients are ready for the soup pot, a transaction must be made. There are often financial barriers that separate people from fresh, healthy food. Several farmers … Read more

How to Have a Local Thanksgiving

The sky is misty and grey, but the hills are firey with autumn color at East Fork Farm in Madison County, North Carolina. Owners Stephen and Dawn Robertson are making their way up the steep gravel driveway, like they do at least three times a day — even more in the fall as Thanksgiving gets … Read more

Growing Local: Meet ASAP

The way we eat and the way we live are intertwined. Agriculture sustains us and connects us with the farmers who grow our food and the markets, grocers, chefs, and home cooks that bring it to our table. For over 20 years, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP) has helped local farms thrive. The nonprofit organization … Read more

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