Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Our local farmers, producers, and crafters prepare creative and beautiful gifts for the holiday season at area farmers tailgate markets. Each week this December, we’ll bring you highlights of what you can find at holiday markets. But, we won’t be able to include anywhere near all of it, so you’ll have to visit the markets yourself to discover everything they have to offer. And, don’t worry — there’s also still plenty of local food available for your regular weekly grocery shopping.
Crafts: Yarn is a lovely gift for the knitter, crocheter, or crafter in your life. Find beautiful sheep’s wool and plant-based yarns from Wellspring Farm at The Holiday Bazaar.
Preserved Products: Coffee is a great gift for the caffeine-loving crowd. Biltmore Coffee Traders at Asheville City Market and Notorious Coffee Roasting Co. at Weaverville Tailgate Market both have delicious, fair trade beans for sale.
Body care products: Faerie Made has a whole range of body care products including lip balms and nail polish! Find Faerie Made at Asheville City Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market.
Holiday decorations: Local wreaths can be stunning additions to your home holiday decor. Farmers get creative with their wreaths, incorporating dried produce such as okra, chili peppers, flowers, and more!
Wild card item: Pet treats make the list because Fluffy shouldn’t be the only family member that doesn’t get a gift this season. Bone-A-Fide Bakery at Weaverville Tailgate Market has you covered with dog and cat treats.
Vegetables: Among the many cold weather vegetables, greens don’t disappear in the winter. You can get find them throughout the whole year at tailgate markets. Almost all vegetable producers will have them, but you might have to show up early, before they sell out!
Other food staples: Butter is great for making rich, winter dishes. Pick up Mills River Creamery butter from Joe Brittain of Brittain Farms at the West Asheville Tailgate Market.
Gift certificates: Ask your market manager if they have gift certificates available. Or, purchase tokens as a stocking stuffer!
Buncombe County Holiday Markets:
Asheville City Market, 9 am–noon, at Asheville Public Works Building, 161 South Charlotte Street (regular location), every Saturday through December 19.
Weaverville Tailgate Market: Holiday Market, 2 pm-6 pm, Located beside Lake Louise in Weaverville (regular location), every Wednesday through December 23.
West Asheville Tailgate Market: Indoor Holiday Market, 2:30 pm-6 pm, at Mothlight at Mr Fred’s, 701 Haywood Road, Tuesdays through December 22.
The Holiday Bazaar in North Asheville, noon-3 pm, at University Heights Blvd, UNC Asheville Campus (regular location), every Saturday through December 19.
For a complete list of Appalachian Grown™ certified tailgate markets browse our online Local Food Guide or the online farmers market calendar.

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