Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Their hue has been called “passionate scarlet” by one famous food writer. Yep, we’re talking about radishes! Bold beauties have already been spotted from vendors like New Moon Herbs Farm and Earthlife Farm at Asheville City Market Downtown.

If you’re after produce in general, get to your neighborhood market early this week. With the season still young, limited quantities of veggies are selling quickly.
A lucky few snagged asparagus from Ivy Creek Family Farm at North Asheville Tailgate Market this past Saturday. While the rest of Ivy Creek’s crop is heading into CSA boxes, McConnell Farms (also at North Asheville) should have plenty of asparagus for sale, along with rhubarb. McConnell Farms can also be found at West Asheville Tailgate Market and will join the roster of vendors at Asheville City Market Downtown and South soon. And Ivy Creek Family Farm will have other offerings this week—from spinach to their first turnips.
Greens are still available, with many coming from hoophouses. Thanks to the warmth inside their hoophouse, Mountain Harvest Organics (North Asheville Tailgate Market, Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market) has bunches of full-grown chard and collards.
Speaking of warm weather, longer, sun-drenched days mean more eggs are being laid. Look for chicken eggs from vendors at nearly every area tailgate, along with quail eggs from MiLo Acres at French Broad Food Co-op Wednesday Tailgate Market.
Spring starts and plants are still available, too—from the expected to the unexpected. At North Asheville Tailgate Market, the Carnivorous Plant Connection offers bug-loving pitcher plants and sundews.
This Saturday, April 27, Asheville City Market Downtown will host their annual “Hard 2 Recycle” event in cooperation with Asheville GreenWorks. Shoppers can bring and recycle items like CFL light bulbs, cell phones, and small appliances that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Find more details at
Early May marks the start of many markets’ seasons, including Montford Farmers Market and Spruce Pine Farmers Market on Wednesday, May 1, and Flat Rock Tailgate Market on Thursday, May 2.
To learn more about market events/find a market schedule, visit our farmers market calendar or browse our online Local Food Guide. Also check our post “Tailgate Tents Going Up” for a list of openings.

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