Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Catch the beet at area farmers tailgate markets this week! The root veggie has arrived with the summer and will stick around into fall and early winter.

Beets have been exceptionally bold in color so far this season—almost neon. Ten Mile Farm’s bunches have been rosy red and golden yellow; find Ten Mile at Asheville City Market and Montford Farmers Market. Highgate Farm’s beets have been reddish-pink and sunset-orange; find Highgate at Black Mountain Tailgate Market, East Asheville Tailgate Market, Madison County Farmers & Artisans Market, and Weaverville Tailgate Market. One thing you can’t beet about getting the veggie fresh from market? Beet greens! Farmers keep the leafy tops attached. Roast the roots, then steam or sauté the leaves as you would their relative, Swiss chard.
But beets aren’t the only root veggies to be found now. Carrots are arriving—Ivy Creek Family Farm recently offered up colorful clusters at both North Asheville Tailgate Market and Weaverville Tailgate Market—and you can expect more in the coming weeks. And, larger quantities of new potatoes are on the way. West Asheville Tailgate Market even expects some Adirondack Blue taters this week and in the weeks to come, adding blue-purple to the rainbow already on display. Of course, that’s not all. Find peas, greens, green beans, broccoli, lettuce, onions, summer squash, and the list goes on.
Fruit fan? The summer supply is heating up. Find cherries for baking and snacking. Green Goddess Farm offered them last week at West Asheville Tailgate Market and hopes to have more this week. McConnell Farms also had a serious spread last week; find McConnell at Asheville City Market Downtown and South, North Asheville Tailgate Market, and West Asheville Tailgate Market. Whispersholler Farms began bringing peaches to Oakley Farmers Market last week. Blueberries and raspberries are on the way.
The window for summer planting is closing, so scoop up starts this week if you’ve still got space. Vendors like B&L Organic (French Broad Food Co-op Wednesday Tailgate Market, North Asheville Tailgate Market, West Asheville Tailgate Market) share they’ve got the last of their tomato, eggplant, and pepper plants now.
If you’re shopping the Historic Marion Tailgate Market, check out new vendor English Farmstead Cheese who offer cheese spreads and packaged hard cheeses. For now, they’re only selling Tuesdays.
To learn about market events/find a market schedule, visit our farmers market calendar or browse our online Local Food Guide.

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