Research Reports

Research Reports

In 2000, ASAP began a research program to evaluate the impacts of food system localization on farm profitability and viability, production practices, distribution networks, and the health of local communities. Over time, this research has expanded to examine consumer perceptions of local food and farms, gather baseline data on agricultural production, identify existing regional distribution systems, quantify the demand for locally grown food across distinct regional market outlets, determine the potential for increasing local consumption of locally produced food and farm products, and document the requirements of specific market outlets. To ensure that the results of our research reach our constituents, the Local Food Research Center publishes research reports.

On this page you will find objective, systematic evaluation that is grounded in scholarly research. Our research reports cover everything from community assessments — tools to help communities identify opportunities to support local agriculture and expand their local food systems — to feasibility studies,  impact studies, and consumer research. Whether you are a student, engaged citizen, political leader, farmer, or local entrepreneur, we invite you to use these research reports to further your own local food system research objectives.

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