Faces of Local: Claire Danielson

ASAP likes to share the stories of people who are contributing to the local food system. This month we’re talking to Claire Danielson, who has supported ASAP as both a donor and a volunteer for the past four years. 

 Why is supporting ASAP important to you?
ASAP does so many important things in our community to help local farms and farmers connect with consumers. I’ve participated in the Farm TourBusiness of Farming Conference, Local Food Experience, CSA Fair, and Growing Minds education programs. I’ve also made calls to update information in the Local Food Guide. I see firsthand how important and appreciated the organization is—on the farmer side and the consumer side. Supporting the local food movement is important to help our farmers make a living and keep us all fed with fresh, nutrient-dense food.
How have you seen the effects of ASAP’s work in our community?

This may seem trivial, but when I first moved up from Atlanta, I kept seeing this green bumper sticker, “Local Food, Thousands of Miles Fresher.” I’d swear it was on every third car. I was so impressed that so many folks in this community were aware of the importance of buying local food—not only aware, but willing to plaster a bumper sticker to say so! Initially, I had no idea ASAP generated the stickers. 
The Appalachian Grown certification program also helps farmers differentiate themselves. I know when I see that logo, I’m doing my part to support local farmers, and it’s important to know where your food comes from!
Because I’ve been at many ASAP events over the years and met lots of local farmers and listened to consumers, I see how the conferences and programs offered by ASAP positively affect both groups. ASAP does an incredible job of maximizing their reach.
Beyond making a donation to ASAP, how else can people support our local food system?
BUY LOCAL! Go to the tailgate markets, use the Local Food Guideparticipate in a CSA, educate your friends and family, and support businesses that buy local. Also, volunteer for ASAP. I’ve learned so much through my association with this great group.
What are some of the local foods you enjoy this time of year?

All sorts of fall and winter greens, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Love those root veggies! My CSA farmer has a hoop house, so I even enjoyed some green bell peppers in the last couple weeks. Yum!
Find out more about how you can support ASAP’s work by making a donation or volunteering.

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