Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Things are getting wild at area farmers tailgate markets! There are reports of wild foods such as foraged mushrooms, fermented veggies, and more!
While most vendors grow food to sell at markets, other vendors go foraging for it instead. Wild harvested items have been known to show up at markets. No Taste Like Home (River Arts District Farmers Market) has all sorts of wild harvested foods: dried plants, mushrooms, and more. Asheville Fungi (West Asheville Tailgate Market and French Broad Food Co-op Wednesday Tailgate Market) has different wild mushrooms depending on the week, as well as cultivated varieties.
Fermented items – which rely on the wild cultures naturally occurring in vegetables – also make appearances at some markets. Fermented pickles (different from regular pickles in that they’re made with brine instead of vinegar) and kimchi are best sellers for Fool Hill Farm Products at Sundays on the Island in Marshall.
Other wild items can be found throughout the season, some of them we’ve mentioned previously this summer such as wineberries and autumn berries. Now is the time to explore the market and see what wild foods you can discover!
Though it isn’t peak season for collards – the southern belle of dark leafy greens – you can still find some hiding between mustard greens and kale at the market. Right now, B & L Organics (French Broad Food Co-op Wednesday Tailgate Market, West Asheville Tailgate Market, and North Asheville Tailgate Market) and John’s Berry Patch (East Asheville Tailgate Market) have collards for sale.
Want to bring the beauty of the season into your home? Flower bouquets are radiant right now. Some vendors that have vibrant and wildly colored floral arrangements include Fisher Branch Farm (Asheville City Market) and Full Sun Farm (North Asheville Tailgate Market and River Arts District Farmers Market).
The Jackson County Farmers Market celebrated their annual Taste of the Market this past Saturday August 23rd. Nine farms participated in the Tomato Tasting Contest. Registered Nursery won Most Interesting in Appearance, Balsam Gardens (also at Haywood’s Historic Farmers Market) won Best Tasting, and Shelton Family Farm won Best Texture.
For a complete list of Appalachian Grown™ certified tailgate markets browse our online Local Food Guide or online farmers market calendar.

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