Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Crazy about cukes? Then you’ll want to rush out to your neighborhood farmers tailgate market this week. Vendors tables are covered in captivating cucumbers—from slicers to pickling varieties in every shade of green, even white.

Slicers, or slicing or table cucumbers, are what you see most often in grocery stores. Pickling cukes are usually smaller than slicers, and they often have thicker, more “bumpy” skin. While they’re perfect for, you guessed it, pickles, they can also be enjoyed as is. Christina Carter of Ten Mile Farm (Asheville City Market, Montford Farmers Market) says they’re “just as sweet” as slicers. In fact, Salt and Pepper, a striking white heirloom pickling variety, is Full Sun Farm’s favorite of all (find Full Sun at Montford Farmers Market and North Asheville Tailgate Market); they expect to offer it a while longer this summer.
Planning for pickles? Grab fresh local dill while you’re shopping. Steering toward salad? Pick up your favorite head of lettuce—everything from red leaf to romaine is available. You can even find local bagged salad mixes now from farms like Wildwood Herbal at Asheville City Market. Wildwood’s current specialty is their Cilantro Salad Mix, which contains three types of lettuce, arugula, basil, cilantro, and edible nasturtium flowers!
More and more mushrooms are available as Get Local mushroom month picks up. Chanterelles are still going fast. Also look for oyster mushrooms, as well as the unusual-looking lion’s mane, which has a tender, meaty texture. Myco-Gardens offered both this past weekend at North Asheville Tailgate Market.
Berries are also becoming more and more available. Henderson County Tailgate Market reports that vendors will have both blueberries and raspberries this week, along with blueberry and raspberry bushes so that you can plant your own.
Of course, other produce can be found at markets now—from beets to broccoli and cabbage to onions—along with local cheeses, meats, and handmade items. Also look out for bedding plants and flowers.
On Saturday, June 23, Galen Kipar will perform at Asheville City Market (ACM). The Kids Corner Market at ACM will help kids get active with fun games from the YWCA. Montford Farmers Market also hosts kids activities, led by Isaac Dickson Elementary. Their next event is a cooking demo on Wednesday, June 27. On Thursday, June 28, Oakley Farmers Market shoppers are invited to a sauerkraut making workshop beginning at 5 pm.
To learn more about market events and find a market schedule, visit our online farmers market calendar or browse our online Local Food Guide.

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