Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

We’re in the midst of Hanukkah now, and whether or not you celebrate the Festival of Lights, you might draw inspiration from some of its traditional dishes as you do your farmers tailgate market shopping this week. 

Latkes, or fried potato pancakes, are one of the most popular Hanukkah foods, and you can procure potatoes, onions, and eggs from many farmers rights now. Russet potatoes are the established choice, but gold types will fry up just as well as long as you take the time to squeeze out the excess liquid after grating. Want to mix it up a little? Try mixing in grated beets, parsnips, or sweet potatoes. Purple latkes using the Okinawa sweet potatoes from Lee’s One Fortune Farm would look particularly festive on a holiday platter. (Find Lee’s One Fortune at ASAP Farmers Market, West Asheville Tailgate Market, and River Arts District Farmers Market.) And don’t forget to serve applesauce alongside! Pick up apples from Creasman Farms (ASAP Farmers Market, North Asheville Tailgate Market, and River Arts District Farmers Market) or McConnell Farms (North Asheville Tailgate Market and West Asheville Tailgate Market). 
Blintzes, crepe-like pancakes stuffed with cheese, are typically made with sweetened ricotta or other curd cheese, but try them with local goat cheese. (Get it from Spinning Spider Creamery at North Asheville Tailgate Market and River Arts District Farmers Market or Three Graces Dairy at ASAP Farmers Market, North Asheville Tailgate Market, and West Asheville Tailgate Market.) Some recipes call for a dollop of jam in the filling. This is a chance to take advantage of the preserving farmers have done throughout the late summer and fall! Find jam from Root Bottom Farm (North Asheville Tailgate Market, West Asheville Tailgate Market), Imladris Farm (North Asheville Tailgate Market), and Creasman Farms. Or drizzle those blintzes with local honey from Lick Log Apiary (River Arts District Farmers Market), Lucky U Honey Farm (West Asheville Tailgate Market), Dave’s Raw Honey, or Jon Christie (North Asheville Tailgate Market)
Brisket makes a satisfying cold-weather meal, no matter what the holiday—and provides delicious leftovers if you’re not feeding a crowd this year. Plan to cook it long and slow with broth or wine and a few aromatic veggies, like carrots, celery, or mushrooms. Look for brisket from meat producers like Hickory Nut Gap Farm (North Asheville Tailage Market), Warren Wilson College Farm (ASAP Farmers Market), and Dry Ridge Farm (ASAP Farmers Market, North Asheville Tailgate Market, West Asheville Tailgate Market, and River Arts District Farmers Market).
At markets now you’ll also find winter squash, cauliflower, broccoli, turnips, and plenty of greens, like kale, mustard greens, bok choy, radicchio, and salad mixes. In addition to produce, meats, cheese, and bread, look for holiday gift and craft items. Find more details about farms and markets throughout the region, including special holiday hours, in ASAP’s online Local Food Guide.

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