Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

rice at Lee's One Fortune Farm

Locally grown rice from Lee’s One Fortune Farm has arrived at markets this week! While rice is not commonly grown in Southern Appalachia, and generally grown in few areas of the United States, the Lees’ use of nearby streams to irrigate their rice paddies creates the submerged conditions needed to grow their rice. Red rice … Read more

Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Fixings for summer salads of all kinds, veggies fit for frying, and so much more can be found at area farmers tailgate markets now. July is high time for everything summer, light, delicious salads and scrumptious fried delights are some highlights this week! Not to mention all the fruits, snacking veggies, root veggies, meats, cheeses, breads, baked goods, and more that are just waiting for you to discover!

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