Roasted Beets with Yogurt & Dill

multicolored beets with greens

Spring beets come in a striking array of colors, including golden yellow, deep red, bright pink, and even the candy cane stripes of the chioggia variety. Spring beets are sweeter and a little less earthy than their later-season counterparts. Now is the time to win over beet converts! Save the greens and use them in … Read more

Spring Veggie Pasta

sugar snap peas

Peas and mushrooms are a great plant-based source of protein and fiber, which can keep us feeling full for longer. Spring starts to bring more variety to farmers markets. Be on the lookout for spring alliums, like spring onions and green garlic, which you can add to this versatile pasta. Servings: 4–6Time: 20 minutes Ingredients … Read more

Chef Erica Beneke and Matt Farr’s Braised Radishes and Greens

Red Fiddle Vittes

Erica Beneke and Matt Farr own Red Fiddle Vittles, a catering and private chef business as well as brick and mortar shop in South Asheville offering take-and-heat dinners, house-made specialties, and other local products. This restorative and comforting dish holds the earthly flavors of early spring in Appalachia. The bright and festive colors of French … Read more

Chef Matt Caudle’s Roasted Turnips with Almonds

Matt Caudle, chef de cuisine at Curate, photo by Evan Sung

Matt Caudle is chef de cuisine at Cúrate. As a chef, the number one reason for buying locally is quality. I’m getting something that’s superior that I can’t get from other commodity vegetables. The variety is really nice. One thing I really like working with is turnips. They’re very plentiful, and farmers here produce them … Read more

Massaged Kale Salad with Vegan Creamy Brie Dressing


As part of ASAP’s Farm Fresh for Health initiative, we partnered with community health professionals to bring you virtual demos to inspire cooking for yourself and your family. Shop for ingredients at a farmers market near you! This super creamy (but totally vegan) kale salad comes from Lauren Furgiuele, RDN, LDN of Planting Roots Nutrition. Ingredients Dressing Salad Optional Add-ins … Read more

Fresh at Farmers Markets This Week

Outdoor farmers tailgate markets are finally here! The following Buncombe County tailgate markets will open this week: Asheville City Market (April 2), Leicester Farmers Market (April 2), North Asheville Tailgate Market (April 2), and West Asheville Tailgate Market (April 5). See the full list of tailgate market opening dates across Western North Carolina.

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